House #25
Beautiful house with great features
Just 6 blocks to campus
Close to bus, downtown shopping, gym
Large living/dining room
Brick fireplace in living room
Efficient kitchen
2 bedrooms with lots of closets & storage
Large deck, completely covered with roof
Free off-street parking for you and your guests
Rustic style, cathedral ceilings, beautiful pine woodwork
Ideal for visiting scholars, faculty, families.
Living room
Living room
Bedroom #1
Back yard
Note: Furnishings and personal property pictured are not included in the lease!
PLEASE NOTE: State College Boro has an extremely restrictive "student housing law" which affects this house.
  • Up to three occupants are permitted, subject to the following restrictions:
  • If the occupants are not legally related (by blood or marriage), then only one of the occupants may be enrolled in a university degree program.
  • If the occupants are legally related (by blood or marriage), then any or all of them may be enrolled in a university degree program.
  • Researchers, visiting scholars, etc., who are not enrolled to receive degrees are not considered as "students," so they are permitted to share this house.

Because of the many details involved, telephone is much faster and easier than EMail.

Please call our local number (814) 689-9899 and leave one message on voicemail.
Be sure to leave your name and phone number. Please speak slowly and clearly.
Please leave just one message. We will call you back.

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UPDATED 2015-08-29