Old Man Quarter Century Wireless Association
Chapter 203
Central Pennsylvania
Gilbert L. Crossley chapter

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Welcome to the QCWA Chapter 203 website!

If you were first licensed as an amateur radio operator at least twenty-five years ago (a quarter century ago), you are eligible to join the National QCWA, and also eligible to join Chapter 203 as a regular member. If you were first licensed less than 25 years ago, you are eligible to join Chapter 203 as an Associate Member. Please let us hear from you! For more information, contact one of the officers listed below.
    • When: Saturday, November 9, 2013
    • Where: Hoss'ss'ss Resstaurant, SState College
    • Time: Lunch at 1:00 PM, business meeting to follow.

    • SPRING MEETING, 2013.June.01
      • The meeting took place at Hoss'ssss Restaurant, State College, with lunch at 1:00.
    • WINTER MEETING, 2013.Feb.02
      • The meeting took place at Hoss'ssss Restaurant, State College, with lunch at 1:00. Eight members were in attendance.
      • Business meeting was called to order at 2:15 PM.
      • Please remember that a new year (2013) has started, so please send in your Chapter 203 dues for the year! Contact the treasurer, K3BOB, for information about submitting your payment.
      • Walt N3WS submitted Woody Brem (K3YV)'s name to the National for a 50-year Service Certificate, and Greg K3GEM submitted Carl "Bud" Volz, Jr. (W3SMV)'s name for 55- and 60-year Service Certificates. Walt is presently in Florida, so Greg had the honor of presenting all three certificates to these two distinguished members.

        Greg, Woody, Carl
    • AUTUMN MEETING, 2012.Nov.04
      • The meeting took place at Hoss's Restaurant, State College, at 1:00. Cameraderie was enjoyed by all present.
      • Woody moved that we re-elect the previous officers for another 2-year term. The officers are:
      • Report of the Audit Committee was received and accepted.
    • SUMMER MEETING, 2012.Aug.11
      • The planned meeting site, Doan's Bones restaurant, was destroyed when an SUV entered the dining room (apparently without a reservation). The meeting was held at Hoss's in State College
      • Eating as usual.
    • SPRING MEETING, 2012.May.12
      • A luncheon meeting was held at Hoss's restaurant in State College. Attendance was good, including two members from the Altoona area.
      • There was further discussion about possible ways to encourage young people's interest in amateur radio. Woody (accompanied by Greg) recently gave an excellent presentation to the State College High School electronics class on May 10. The students were attentive and had some interesting questions about ham radio. However, the instructor seemed uninterested in the possibility of starting a ham radio club at the school.
      • It was suggested that our next meeting be held somewhere other than Hoss's, for the sake of variety... possibly a barbeque menu and/or a picnic setting. Woody will investigate.
      • It was reported that one of our members, Lee Supina (N3EPB) became a Silent Key last week. The Chapter will make an appropriate memorial contribution.
    • WINTER MEETING, 2012.Feb.25
        A luncheon meeting was held at Hoss's restaurant in State College. There was no formal program. However, there was some discussion about the Chapter organizing or participating in some activity that would help interest young students in the amateur radio hobby. Possibilities discussed included purchase of ham radio books for a school library, becoming involved with a school radio club, or helping scouts with an appropriate merit badge.
    • FALL MEETING, 2011.Nov.5
        A luncheon meeting was held at Hoss's restaurant in State College.
    • COMBINED PICNIC, 2011.Aug.11
        Our meeting was a group picnic sponsored by Nittany Amateur Radio Club, and including several other regional clubs from the central PA area, as well as QCWA Chapter 203. Attendance was great, despite the traditional central PA weather (rain), and a good time was had by all!
    • MEMBERSHIP MEETING, 2011.Apr.30
      • Meeting was held at The Dream restaurant in Hollidaysburg.
      • Twelve members from State College area were in attendance.
      • Good food and a great time were enjoyed by all.
    • MEMBERSHIP MEETING, 2011.Feb.12
      • Meeting was held at Hoss's restaurant in State College.
      • We had 18 members and 0.5 guests in attendance. Welcome Riley Prestia!
      • Jim Alles KB3TBX brought some very interesting documents about the origins of the Penn State Amateur Radio Club, Gilbert Crossley, and also the Nittany Amateur Radio Club. Jim spoke briefly about what he has found so far, and he plans to do further research. Jim passed out a few copies to those present, and can make more copies available to anyone interested. Jim can be contacted at KB3TBX@gmail.com .
    • MEMBERSHIP MEETING, 2010.Aug.21
      • Meeting was a "picnic" at the American Legion in State College. The "picnic" was held indoors due to some clouds and warm temperatures outside.
      • Costs of the meal, room rental, etc., were paid from the Chapter's treasury.
      • Marty W3YOZ brought some interesting old photos of ham activity in Altoona from many years ago. He identified the hams pictured, and gave some additional background information. Very interesting...
    • MEMBERSHIP MEETING, 2010.May.08
      • Meeting was held at Dave's Dream restaurant in Hollidaysburg. All present enjoyed the meatloaf, cacophony, and glacially-paced service.
    • MEMBERSHIP MEETING, 2010.Feb.13
      • Meeting was held at Hoss's restaurant in State College, with a good turnout of over 20 members and guests.
      • Bud Volz W3SMV gave an extremely interesting talk about Gilbert Crossley, our chapter's namesake. Starting 100 years ago, Bud led us through the development of what is now the Electrical Engineering department at Penn State. Crossley was a pioneer and staunch supporter of both broadcast radio and amateur radio, and a few other Penn State notables were also involved.

        Bud Volz W3SMV
    • MEMBERSHIP MEETING, 2009.May.09
      • Meeting was held at the Dream restaurant in Hollidaysburg. There was a very good turn out for this meeting with 20 members and guests attending.
      • After the meal President Woody Brem K3YV had a short business meeting with a lot of discussion about our next meeting.
      • QCWA certificates where presented to Tom Gutshall W3BZN and Marty Johnson W3YOZ in recognition of 50 years continuously licensed and the 50th Anniversary Award. Both these members are still very active in contests, DXing and antenna design and construction. National secretary, Walt Supina N3WS was present to give the awards.
    • MEMBERSHIP MEETING, 2009.Jan.31
      • Woody, K3YV, discussed and demonstrated an RF Direction Finder project and the D.F. course he is teaching through the local school district.
      • Meeting minutes will be posted when received from the Secretary.
        Meeting Photo
    • MEMBERSHIP MEETING, 2008.Nov.01
      • Meeting minutes will be posted when received from the Secretary.

        Meeting Photo
    • MEMBERSHIP MEETING, 2008.Aug.02
      • The executive board nominated the present officers for the next election, which will be held at our next meeting.
      • The date for our next meeting was set for Saturday, November 1. WB3EFQ will investigate a location somewhere midway between State College and Altoona.
      • John Johnson, President of the National QCWA, was our special guest. His presentation discussed the function of the national organization, and also highlighted several outstanding members from various chapters.
        Meeting Photo
    • MEMBERSHIP MEETING, 2008.May.10
      • Walt Supina, N3WS, spoke on the organization and activities of the Pelican Chapter in Tampa, Florida. He suggested that there are often many members with interesting stories to tell, who should be sought out and invited to speak to the group.
    • MEMBERSHIP MEETING, 2008.Feb.02, 1:00PM
      • There was a discussion of dropping the dues requirement for members over 80 years of age.
      • Woody K3YV gave a presentation about slide rule calculators.
    • MEMBERSHIP MEETING, 2007.Jul.07, 1:00PM
      • There were 19 members and guests in attendance at Hoss's in Altoona.
      • After lunch, we held a brief business meeting, and discussed a date for our autumn meeting.
      • Walt N3WS, Secretary of the National QCWA (and member of Chapter 203), presented a QCWA Presidential Honor Award plaque to Woody K3YV. Award recipients are chosen by National President John Johnson W3BE. Woody was honored for his role in rejuvenating Chapter 203 which had been dormant for many years. Our congratulations to Woody for his efforts and dedication to amateur radio.
      • After some social time, the meeting adjourned at 2:30PM, and those in attendance formed a caravan to Wopsononok Mountain for a special tour.
      • Marty W3YOZ conducted a tour of the award winning W3SO contest station on Wopsy Mountain. We saw the radio shack with two operating rooms and an extensive collection of equipment, the repeater shack next door, W3SO's array of towers and antennas, including "Grand Central Station" where all the various hardlines and coax converge and enter the shack.
        Following the W3SO tour, Marty took us to the brink of Wopsononok Mountain, and treated us to some local history and geological information... a very interesting overview of the site!
        The tour concluded and visitors departed approximately 5:30PM.
    • MEMBERSHIP MEETING, 2007.Feb.24, 1:00PM
      • There were 13 members and 7 guests in attendance at Hoss's for the luncheon meeting.
      • We discussed and voted to adopt an amended version of the Chapter 203 Constitution.
        View the final version of the Constitution HERE.
      • A new dues schedule was adopted. The year will run from January through December. Dues will be prorated quarterly for new members joining the Chapter.
      • Woody K3YV gave a presentation on NARC's 146.85 MHz "super repeater system" (K3YA).
      • Marty W3YOZ invited the Chapter to visit the W3SO contest station in Altoona for the July meeting. See details in the "Next Meeting" section (above).
      • After some social time, the meeting adjourned at 3:15PM.
    • MEMBERSHIP MEETING, 2006.Oct.28
      • There were 12 members and 6 guests in attendance on the gray Saturday afternoon.
      • Following the luncheon there was a round of introductions.
      • President Woody K3YV then conducted a brief business meeting. Among the topics:
        • whether this chapter would have associate memberships for those who have been licensed less than the required 25 years
        • the need for a budget and the dues structure (currently local dues are $10 for full members).
        • It was decided that we would issue membership cards
      • Carmine, K3CWP, graciously volunteer to start up a net on Sunday evenings at 8:30 PM on 146.85 for members and non-members. (Give a listen and join in.)
      • It was decided that the next meeting would be held February 24, 2007 at the Hossís in State College.
      • If you are interested in becoming part of this group, please come to a meeting or contact one of the officers, listed near the bottom of this page.
      • An enjoyable time was had by all.
      • Submitted by Lois Gutschall WB3EFQ, Secretary
      • Chapter 203 was formed in 1998. A Constitution was approved at that time.
      • Although the Chapter was inactive for several years, it was never officially dissolved. It has remained listed continuously by the National QCWA. Therefore, the original Constitution was still in effect as of 2006.Sept.06.
      • The Constitution was discussed and slightly modified by vote at the meeting on 2007.Feb.24. View the final version of the Constitution HERE.  
    • MEMBERSHIP MEETING, 2006.Sept.06
      • A general membership meeting was held on September 6 at the home of Walt - N3WS and Aura Lee - N3EPB. Thanks to Walt and Aura Lee for their hospitality!
      • The purpose of the meeting was to discuss reorganization of Chapter 203.
      • Fourteen members were in attendance, including John B. Johnston, National President of the Quarter Century Wireless Association, Inc.
      • Discussion was held concerning goals of the Chapter, and possible meeting times and schedule.
      • ELECTION: the officers listed below were elected by unanimous vote of those present.
    • We want to hear from you! This is an important time for Chapter 203, as we reorganize to make this a healthy and active Chapter. We hope to have a large and happy membership here in central Pennsylvania. If you're interested in joining us, please let us know!
    • We are also looking for ideas! This Chapter will be a great resource for exchanging technical expertise, sharing important Amateur history, and recruiting new members into the Amateur community. Please share your thoughts with us!
    • Please feel free to contact any of the officers listed above.

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